Penetration Testing with BackTrack review / OSCP

I really enjoyed the course. The labs have 50 computers, each with a different ways in. The main reason for choosing Penetrating with backtrack over CEH is that CEH is all theory and they can get really boring and I learn much better by doing than reading a text book and watching a few videos.

The course is also good because it gives you around 40% of the material and then the other 60% is all down to you to research and find out. This may seem like a bad point but really it’s the courses big benefit because it makes you do your own research and solve the problems by yourself.

I managed to get into 46 of 50 lab machines which I was pleased about. The course has also given me confidence to not be afraid of failing…you get used to failing the in the labs and you just have to keep trying.
I made the error of downloading and running an exploit without using my own shellcode which rm’d my hard drive..goodbye lab notes. So I had to restart from nothing again after 30days. This was in some ways good as it meant I had a re-fresher on all modules. After that I decided to keep all my notes inside windows using keepnote a backup of my VM daily.

My favourite part of the course was the exam, 24hrs of pressured hacking, I managed to get 2hrs sleep, eat three pizzas and pass the exam. I cannot go into any detail about the exam apart from you will enjoy it if you enjoyed the labs 😀

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