How Unique Is Your Browser?

A web browser does not simply just download and serve html anymore. Browsers have many features additional features that can be detected such as which version of flash your running, java and all add-ons you have installed which is can act as a very good fingerprint that be used to track people.

From the data collected 1 in 286,777 browers are unique, so from a legal point it would not stand in court.

You can test your brower uniqueness below

The electronic froniter foundation has an excellant paper on browser uniqueness


Running foremost on windows

Foremost is a Linux fornensics tool but can be run under windows using cygwin.

First install Cygwin , Install to the default location.

Then download a cygwin compiled version of foremost from a mirror here

Extract  foremost.exe and it’s config file to C:\cygwin\home\~your pc username

Then go to C:\cygwin and run Cygwin.bat#

Then you can run formost via the cygwin CLI

./foremost.exe -t all -i somecase.dd -T


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